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Apple accused of plagiarizing iconic Swiss clock design

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Swiss railway company SBB is displeased with Apple for using its iconic clock design in the new Clock app for iPad.

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ios mondaine clock comparison
ios mondaine clock comparison

The new Clock app for iPad may not seem like a contender for the most controversial new feature of iOS 6, but Swiss railway operator SBB is displeased with Apple for using its clockface in the app. The iconic design, which originated in Swiss railway stations, is also the hallmark of watchmaker Mondaine. An SBB spokesperson told the Associated Press that Apple did not ask for permission before using the design, and unlike Mondaine, does not have a license to use it. The company isn't pursuing legal action just yet, and instead is reaching out to Apple to find an "amicable agreement and compensation."

This is by no means the first time Apple has "borrowed" from another company for its software design: the iOS Calculator and recent Podcasts app do very little to hide their Braun influences. However, with its Clock app, Apple has used a design that is still being monetized, and may have no option but to stump up the cash for a license.