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Nokia Lumia 510 surfaces in China, complete with Windows Phone 7.8

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Nokia appears to be planning a Lumia 510 for the Chinese region, running on Windows Phone 7.8.

Nokia Lumia 510 (Baidu)
Nokia Lumia 510 (Baidu)

Nokia appears to be readying a Lumia 510 device for China, with the Windows Phone 7.8 operating system. We exclusively revealed the Lumia 510's codename and specifications earlier this month, but further details have emerged thanks to a certification process in China. Posts over at Baidu detail the measurements and specifications of the Lumia 510 — which includes a 4-inch display, 5-megapixel camera, and 800MHz processor.

It's clearly a low-end device for Nokia, and it appears it will join the Lumia 610 in serving Chinese markets. It appears that Microsoft and its OEMs will continue to push Windows Phone 7.5 and 7.8 handsets towards low-cost markets, with low specifications and a lack of dual-core processors. There will still be room for low-end Windows Phone 8 handsets though, Nokia is planning a 4-inch "Flame" device for early 2013. We're hearing that Nokia's Lumia 510 could launch as early as the holiday season, with broader availability in early 2013.