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Watch this: PBS Off Book's 'The Art of Web Design'

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The PBS Off Book series looks at the challenges and evolution of web design.

Offbook Web Design
Offbook Web Design

Early web design was usually a straightforward process, with pages based on an HTML standard originally meant for sharing physics projects. As it evolved, sites became more complex, and "The Art of Web Design" explores the rules for making a site attractive without compromising its overall user experience. The growth of mobile adds another layer of challenges, but as the web matures, users end up being more fluent in the conventions of web pages and comfortable with new designs.

While some of the concepts will probably be familiar to anyone who's spent time online, the video below is a good quick look at how designers work with the structure, interfaces, and content of the web across multiple platforms. It's also the latest production of Off Book, a PBS series that has previously looked at everything from logo design to Reddit.