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Watch this: Bill Murray and Lily Tomlin's 'Wired In' demo reel

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A demo reel for "Wired In," a failed 1980s documentary series about technology starring Bill Murray and Lily Tomlin.

Wired In
Wired In

The 1980s saw video games and personal computing become part of growing up for more and more people, but not everyone was comfortable with the change. A demo reel for Wired In, a documentary TV show about technology that never got off the ground, showcases the often fraught relationship adults had with tools and media they were just coming to understand, as well as the timeless fear that technology is taking over modern life. It's not clear how much is scripted, but it's a fascinating little time capsule from 30 years ago. Of course, some people may be more interested in segments from Bill Murray and Lily Tomlin, in which Tomlin parodies anti-drug PSAs and arcade-based moral panic by declaring herself "a Pac-Man freak" and Murray goes on a bizarre anti-technology rant denouncing digital watches because "people have hands, and watches should have hands." Clips of the video have been posted before, but this is one of the most complete looks we've gotten, and it includes a rough transcript over at the Media Burn Archives.