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TiVo earns $250.4 million from Verizon DVR patent settlement

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TiVO has settled a patent dispute with Verizon, resulting in $250.4 million in payments and licensing fees.

TiVo logo
TiVo logo

TiVo is no stranger to patent disputes regarding its DVR technology, and the set- top box provider has just settled another lawsuit resulting in a $250.4 million licensing deal with Verizon. According to The Daytona Beach News-Journal, the settlement — which includes an initial cash payment of $100 million and additional licensing fees totaling $150.4 million — will help the company move closer to the black after performing at an annual loss for eight of the last 10 years. The agreement may also end up with TiVo getting internet video services created for Redbox, which Verizon has a joint venture with, added to its set-top boxes.

As a pioneer of consumer DVR technology, TiVo relies heavily on its patents to create licensing deals to earn revenue. A settlement with AT&T at the beginning of the year brought the company $215 million and a cross-licensing deal, which followed another $500 million settlement with Dish Network and Echostar. In March alone, TiVo settled a dispute with Microsoft while also filing for an injunction against Motorola and Time Warner Cable over their set-top boxes.