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Verizon says iPhone 5 will remain unlocked

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iPhone 5 Verizon/AT&T SIM switch
iPhone 5 Verizon/AT&T SIM switch

On Friday we learned that Verizon is selling the iPhone 5 in a factory unlocked state which allows the handset to be used with virtually any GSM carrier overseas and even competitors like AT&T and T-Mobile here in the US. The news has been applauded by mobile users, with many hoping it represents the beginning of a shift in Verizon's stance towards unlocking. Others worry that the unusual freedom is a mere oversight and will be undone with a future software update — much like how Sprint dealt with a similar situation last year during the iPhone 4S launch. Thankfully it appears Verizon has no intention of locking down the iPhone 5 anytime soon.

Company spokeswoman Brenda Raney confirmed to the Associated Press that the carrier is not planning to reverse the unshackling of Apple's latest and greatest smartphone. Considering the universal praise that has been heaped upon the carrier thanks to the original decision, we'd say that's a wise move. But will a similar approach extend to Verizon's other devices? Only time will tell.