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Apple TV update adds support for multiple iTunes accounts, shared Photo Streams

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apple tv apps
apple tv apps

Apple has just released a software update for its Apple TV hardware which brings a number of useful features to the table — we've just installed the update and took a look at what's new. Unsurprisingly, Apple TV owners can now access shared Photo Streams, one of Apple's highlight features in iOS 6 and iCloud. You'll be able to accept invitations and browse photos and comments of any Photo Stream shared with your Apple ID, as well as any shared Photo Streams you may have created yourself. Another nice new feature is multiple iTunes logins — now, instead of having to sign in and out any time you wanted to access content from multiple iTunes Store accounts, multiple users can remain logged in and access their purchased movies, TV shows, and music from iTunes in the cloud.

For those longing to do some customization to the Apple TV home screen, your wishes have been answered — now, if you hold down the "select" button on your remote, you can rearrange the icons much like on an iPhone. Apple's also built out the Airplay features of the Apple TV, as well. It can now push audio content to other Airplay-enabled speakers — an odd feature, but if you have Airplay speakers with better audio quality than your TV, you can send your music to them from the Apple TV. There are a few other minor changes, including new screensaver transitions, movie showtimes included with trailers, and improved subtitles. Overall, it's a pretty nice update, but only those using a 2nd- or 3rd-generation Apple TV will get it. Just go to the settings menu, pick "general" and hit "software update" to kick things off.