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eBay debuts Setify, a new organization and wishlist tool for collectors

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ebay setify
ebay setify

eBay has announced a new tool called Setify, which makes it easier for users to organize, share, and add to their collections of treasured objects. The service — currently in private beta — allows users to create a collection using items from the site or from their own collections, set up a wishlist of other objects, and share their progress with other eBay members. The service currently only works for coins and comic books, but eBay says that more categories are on the way, along with Setify apps for iOS and Android. eBay is touting the service as somewhat of a return to its roots, as the site was originally populated by collectors, but it will be interesting to see how much the e-commerce company intends to regulate the collector community — Star Wars action figures are fine, but "Frank's First Fungus Collection" may be decidedly less so.