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iPhone 5 Wallpapers *update*


So obviously due to the new iPhone's screen getting a 176 pixel height increase, all of our favorite wallpapers (and for some of, entire wallpaper collections) have become obsolete. To tackle the task of replenishing our supply of quality, properly size wallpapers, I've set up <a href="">this aggregate album of beautiful 1136x640-only wallpapers (here's a preview of what i've converted so far);

<img src=""/></a>

I've only just began trying to convert my library of wallpapers (with resolutions ranging from desktop to ipad to ipod), and i'm sure i'm not the only one trying to do the same. The album is open for anyone to either upload their iPhone 5-isized wallpapers, or request an image to be converted to the new resolution. The goal is to have a compilation gallery of quality, thoughtfully rescaled, 1136x640 wallpapers for those of us who actually pay attention to that kind of thing.

So let's get this ball rolling, post your favorite iPhone 5 wallpapers so far and what you're using now!

[Update] Neat new feature added! See here for details.