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Myspace previews its ground-up redesign, will send out invites to the new service 'very soon'

Myspace previews its ground-up redesign, will send out invites to the new service 'very soon'

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Myspace has been languishing behind Facebook for years now, but the once-dominant social network isn't going down without a fight. The company just unveiled a preview video of a forthcoming ground-up redesign that looks quite impressive from the few minutes of footage the company has released. We first heard about this potential reboot back in July, but it seems the company is now ready to show off the new interface as well as accept signups for invites when the site is ready for public consumption.

From what the video shows off, Myspace looks like it will integrate well with the dominant Facebook and Twitter platforms — there's a short clip that shows off finding friends through Facebook as well as posting tweets directly through Myspace. The new service will also encourage users to "bring their stuff," specifically photo albums, videos, and playlists (though it isn't clear yet if services like Spotify can integrate with the platform). In a somewhat unconventional take on sharing playlists, it looks like you can actually attach photos to specific playlists, making them both an audio and visual representation of an event. Just as in Myspace's last major redesign, music continues to be a focus, with audio controls built right in to the persistent navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. It looks like playlists can be built right within the site using the music content available through artist profiles.

At first glance, the new Myspace is an undeniably beautiful redesign

The same old status updating is included in this update (along with the ability to push that status across multiple social networks), and you can still see a stream of content shared from people in your network. However, the interface is quite different — it looks like a cross between Pinterest's large photo panels and the tablet version of Google+, with its left-to-right horizontal navigation. There's also the expected "trending" content area, with popular events, videos, and music available to explore.

While we can't pass any judgement without actually using the service, this first preview is by far the most inspiring thing we've seen out of Myspace in years. While the new service doesn't look like it'll do much, if anything, that can't already be accomplished on Facebook or Google+, the new visuals appear extremely well-designed, and the continued focus on music will likely make it a popular destination for both listeners and performers. While Myspace will probably never rival Facebook again in terms of sheer size, this slick redesign should help it regain some favor from the many users who have moved on over the years.