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Google updates Chrome for iOS 6, iPhone 5 display

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chrome iphone 5 maps stock 1020
chrome iphone 5 maps stock 1020

Google today released an updated version of Chrome for iOS, with the latest release including optimizations for iOS 6 and the 4-inch display found on Apple's iPhone 5 and upcoming iPod touch. Chrome's user interface and design haven't changed on the larger screen, but it's nice to see another high-profile app ditch the black letterboxing all the same. Other than miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements, there's not much else to this update. Still, it's nice to see Google working to better its presence on iOS: after getting off to a rocky start with the official Gmail app, the company has delivered solid offerings in Chrome and YouTube. We're hoping that if and when a standalone Maps app arrives on Apple's platform, it will be of that ilk. Sadly the sample images for Chrome in the App Store serve as yet another reminder of the rift that has come between these two tech giants: mobile web versions of Maps and YouTube are showcased among the open tabs.