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Lytro inks retail deals with Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and international distributors

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Gallery Photo: Lytro review pictures
Gallery Photo: Lytro review pictures

Lytro, the Mountain View-based company that produces the eponymous light field camera, has signed distribution agreements with a number retailers, both in the US and internationally. From October 9th, US customers will be able to purchase the device online from Amazon, Target, and Best Buy, supplementing Lytro's existing online store — it will also be available in Target's CityTarget brick-and-mortar stores in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Westwood, Seattle, and Chicago from November.

International availability is more complicated. The company notes that the camera will be available online through Canada's Future Shop on October 9th and in-store in Australia from October 10th, while retail partners in Hong Kong and Singapore will receive the device "starting mid-October." It is not yet clear whether the company has any plans to expand shipping options from its website, which currently only accepts orders from the US.

Using a special sensor to capture the entire field of light in an image, Lytro's key selling point is the ability to "focus after the fact," selecting a single point from the photograph's entire depth of field. While the software used to process its snaps was originally only available for Mac, the company announced the release of a Windows version in late July.