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Check out SB Nation's new redesign for the best in sports coverage and video

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sb nation
sb nation

There's some big news today in the Vox Media world — our sister publication SB Nation has completely relaunched with a totally new design that unites all 322 of its team, regional, and national sports sites. It's fancy stuff: the new design is fully responsive and adaptive HTML5 that works great at screen sizes from mobile to tablet to desktop, they've got beautiful photos and video from our studios here in New York, and everything is overall faster and sleeker than before. On top of all that, SBN's named the talented Spencer Hall from EDSBS as editorial director, and they're kicking off a brand-new editorial features program under the guidance of Glenn Stout, who's edited The Best American Sports Writing since 1991. It's really exciting.

Check out this profile in Adweek if you're interested in the nitty-gritty, and then make sure you head over to SB Nation to see all the great new stuff yourself. (And learn all about how the Packers got totally robbed by scab refs last night.)

Oh, and if you're curious — all these slick upgrades are coming to The Verge soon. Very soon.