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BlackBerry 10 to have Facebook, Twitter apps at launch; app submissions begin October 10th

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facebook bb10
facebook bb10

At the BlackBerry Jam Americas even today, RIM announced that it will have apps from the big four social networks for BlackBerry 10 at launch: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn. The company demo'd the Facebook app, which was fully native on the platform, and it looked very similar to the iOS app — but it seems like it was developed by RIM itself instead of Facebook. Later in the keynote, Foursquare took the stage to demo its BlackBerry 10 app, which looks much more like a native BlackBery 10 app, complete with the "cards" and sliding panels that make up the Cascades framework. Foursquare said it took only "30 lines of code" to implement pull-to-refresh and also pointed out full BBM integration. RIM didn't demo Twitter or LinkedIn, but we did see our in BlackBerry 10 Beta 3 hands-on that Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn messaging would all be built into RIM's unified messaging system, the BlackBerry Hub.

RIM also demoed the new version of App World that would come on BlackBerry 10, including teasing music and video downloads. Those purchases can happen either via a BlackBerry ID or carrier billing, but exactly which companies RIM is partnering with to provide this content wasn't revealed. RIM says that it has surpassed 100,000 apps in App World. Both Facebook and App World looked as fast as everything else we've seen so far on BlackBerry 10. RIM announced that it would open up App World for developer submissions on October 10th — that's 10/10, the company was happy to point out.