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Intel CEO reportedly claims Windows 8 is being released before it's ready

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Windows 8 desktop tile
Windows 8 desktop tile

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has reportedly told staff at the chipmaker that Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is being released before it's ready. Bloomberg reports that sources who attended a private company event at Intel recently have revealed comments made by Otellini about Windows 8. Intel has been working closely with Microsoft for its latest operating system, but Otellini says Microsoft will make improvements to Windows 8 after it ships — something he reportedly believes is the right move, despite claiming it is being released before it's ready.

How Microsoft plans to deliver these updates isn't clear. The software maker will address the usual bug and feature fixes through its Windows Update system, but we're hearing from sources close to Microsoft that the company is readying an update to Windows 8 — codenamed Blue. The update, which ZDNet detailed last month, will be known as the next-generation of Windows, but it will likely arrive within the year rather than a typical three year schedule. We're told Microsoft is working to improve a number of the features in the Windows 8 Start Screen interface to remove a lot of the current dependencies on the desktop mode within Windows 8.

One month until Windows 8

Otellini's comments come exactly a month before Microsoft plans to hold a Windows 8 launch party in October, combined with the launch of its Surface tablet. There is still concerns over the Windows 8 user interface on traditional laptop and desktop machines, but Microsoft's latest operating system looks set to generate some interest in Windows tablets. Windows 8 is already in the hands of OEMs, businesses, and developers, but we won't know the true reaction to its sweeping changes until it's available to the public next month. If Otellini is right about it being released before it's fully ready, Microsoft and its OEMs will need to act swiftly to counter any potential backfire and provide driver and software updates immediately.

We asked Microsoft about the reports of Otellini's comments and a company spokesperson tells us "Windows 8 is the most tested, reviewed and ready operating system in Microsoft’s history," and that Microsoft is "looking forward to making Windows 8 available to the world on October 26th"

Update: Intel has issued a statement to us about the comments. "Our internal employee meetings are private and we don’t disclose details on what may or may not have been said," says a spokesperson. "We continue to see Windows 8 as a significant opportunity across the board and are excited at our prospects in new form factors like Ultrabooks, tablets and convertibles."