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Amazon launches shopping site for all things green and organic

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vine stock 1020
vine stock 1020

Looking to address the growing demand for green, organic, and sustainable products, Amazon is launching a new shopping site called Since ambiguous terms like "environmentally friendly" are likely to be picked apart by the conversation-minded, the site has created a list of criteria for determining what to sell. Items that are made from at least 50 percent sustainable materials are on the list, as are those certified USDA organic and Energy Star power efficient.

Not to be confused with Amazon Vine, an early-access program for Amazon reviewers, fits into the Quidisi family of sites the company acquired in 2010, alongside and Don’t expect the move to indicate a more aggressive environmental push from Amazon, but if you need some Juice Organics Brightening Serum or Nature’s Path Organic Honey’d Corn Flakes, has you covered.