Just over three months ago, I woke up to find that the display on my trusty HP EliteBook 6930p was broken. I’d left the machine — a faithful companion since my second year at university — on the floor of my apartment during a party, and, from the profile of the crack, it looked like it had come into contact with somebody’s foot. With replacement LCDs for the bulky model costing upwards of $80 on eBay, I decided to consign it to a corner of my room and look for something new.

The problem was money. Less than a year out of college, I’d spent months paying extortionate London rent on minimum wage — with virtually no disposable income, I ended up taking my generic, work-issue laptop home with me for almost a month to avoid eating into my meagre savings. Still, I wanted something new and shiny, and the accident just happened to coincide with the launch of the Samsung Series 5 550 Chromebook, the latest in Google’s line of cheap, cloud-centric laptops.