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LG hits back at Samsung with OLED lawsuit, says five Galaxy devices infringe patents

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LG Optimus G Korea
LG Optimus G Korea

LG Display has accused Samsung of infringing patents that it holds on OLED panel design. The suit was filed today at the Seoul Central District Court, reports Yonhap, and involves Samsung's Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II HD, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Tab 7.7. LG alleges that Samsung has infringed seven patents in total with these devices, including one related to the former company's "Narrow Bezel" technology. The company is seeking 7 billion won (about $6.26 million) in damages — one billion won for each infringed patent.

In a statement, LG Display said "This lawsuit has been filed both to enforce LG Display's intellectual property rights and promote fair competition. Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display must stop using the patents without permission." The case, however, comes just weeks after Samsung filed a similar claim that accused LG of stealing OLED technology. Six LG employees were charged with theft in July over the incident.

Hyunhu Jang contributed to this report.