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Inside QuakeCon: gaming, sleep deprivation, and BAWLS

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quakecon 2012
quakecon 2012

QuakeCon, America’s largest LAN party held every year in Texas, plays host to gamers from all across the world as they battle it out in the digital realm. Bawl So Hard follows three friends from Alabama as they make the trip to the event, determined to marathon through the three days. QuakeCon encourages attendees to compete for more than $100,000 in prizes, but the main attraction is the culture that goes hand-in-hand with attending. Gamers fuel their League of Legends and Diablo III sessions with BAWLS, a high caffeine energy drink so popular that it inspired its own chugging competition. The drinking contest also spans several days, bringing its own rewards in addition to bragging rights. Head on over to SB Nation for the full rundown.