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Google's Eric Schmidt dances 'Gangnam Style' in Korea (video)

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eric schmidt gangnam style 640
eric schmidt gangnam style 640

Google chairman Eric Schmidt is currently on a tour of East Asia; he launched the Nexus 7 in Tokyo two days ago, and today made a similar announcement in Seoul. It looks like he's found the time to slip in a little pleasure among all the business, though, meeting with South Korean artist PSY — he of the YouTube record-breaking smash hit "Gangnam Style." And yes, he got down with the galloping horse dance. Hankyung journalist Kim Kwang-hyun immortalized the moment in a tweet, and there's further video evidence below. We're a little surprised to see Schmidt let his hair down in such a fashion, but if this leads to more K-Pop on Google Play Music we're all for it.

Update: the video has been removed from YouTube, but we've replaced it with another.