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Cinemark movie theaters to include audio narration systems for the vision impaired

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movie theater seats flickr
movie theater seats flickr

Cinemark has announced that it will be adding a supplementary narration system to its movie theaters, allowing the blind and vision impaired to enjoy films with the help of audio descriptions. The California Council of the Blind has been working with Cinemark to implement the new system, which will audibly describe a scene's environment and settings, actors' facial expressions, and costume descriptions where there would otherwise be pauses in character dialogue. The audio, which is provided by the movie studios, will be transmitted via personal headsets and receivers as to not disrupt the viewing of other movie-goers.

Sony and Regal Entertainment are also making an effort towards accessibility with the introduction of Access Glasses earlier this year. Along with glasses that display closed captions for viewers with hearing problems, optional headphones can be added for audio details. Cinemark has stated that its theaters in California already have audio description capabilities and hopes to roll out the descriptive narration feature to all of its first-run theaters by the middle of 2013.