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Sony Tablet S updated with Guest Mode and other features from new Xperia Tablet S

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sony tablet s
sony tablet s

Sony didn't set our hearts on fire with the Tablet S, but this year's Xperia Tablet S is a big improvement — in our review we were impressed by the company's additions to Android in particular. While the original Tablet S was already updated to Android 4.0 back in April, today Sony is rolling out some new features in the US that should bring it closer to its successor. These include the excellent Guest Mode that lets you safely share the tablet with multiple people, programmable macros for the universal remote, more Small Apps, redesigned media players, and more. The Xperia Tablet S will obviously remain the stronger performer, but if you see the original Tablet S in a fire sale (or are still rather taken by its unique design) it may be worth a second thought.