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iOS 6 upgraders complain of disabled Wi-Fi, connectivity issues

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Some iPhone and iPad users on Apple’s support forum who have upgraded to iOS 6 are finding the Wi-Fi setting on their devices disabled after the upgrade. According to the 94 page long thread, rebooting, resetting, and restoring seem to have no effect, with the only solution so far being to swap the device out at a Genius bar. Users suggest that Apple is aware of the problem and is replacing devices without further investigation once the disabled Wi-Fi button is mentioned by the customer. We've spoken to one person affected by the issue, who tried several fixes before replacing his iPhone 4S at a Genius bar.

Meanwhile, other users are still experiencing general Wi-Fi connectivity issues unrelated to the network verification process bug from last week. Devices running iOS 6 fail to connect to networks or drop connectivity after a brief period of time. Several fixes have been suggested, including resetting network settings, changing the network’s HTTP Proxy to "Auto," and altering the router’s Wi-Fi encryption from WPA2 TKIP to AES. However, there's no reported panacea at this time.