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Texas Instruments confirms intent to move away from mobile processors

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OMAP 5 development will continue despite new strategy

Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch
Kindle Fire HD 8.9-inch

Texus Instruments has confirmed earlier reports that the company will shift its business strategy from smartphones and tablets to focus on other embedded computing systems. A TI spokesperson speaking to GSMArena clarified these reports, saying the company would "grow the OMAP footprint beyond mobile" and broaden its scope to "embedded applications such as automotive, industrial, enterprise communication, vision and robotics." Although new products like the Kindle Fire HD use the company's OMAP 4 processor, most phone manufacturers are choosing Qualcomm's faster, more efficient Snapdragon S4 processor for their flagship devices. Despite the decline of their earlier product and the impending shift, TI will continue development of its fifth generation OMAP processor, which GSMArena reports is expected to appear in consumer products in early 2013.