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Moo unveils NFC-enabled business cards for easy contact swapping

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Moo NFC business card
Moo NFC business card

Business cards aren't the most technologically advanced way to exchange contact details, but Moo is looking to fix that with new NFC-enabled cards. Each card comes with an embedded microchip and antenna that's able to transfer data to an NFC-capable smartphone with a tap — Moo says that it will release an Android app soon to let users manage just what information the card contains. The NFC cards are a bit of an experiment for now, however. "Whilst we're not ready to start selling this yet," the company says, "we are getting closer and we're letting you all in on the secret."

"We're not ready to start selling this yet."

Moo will be giving away 150,000 of the new cards for free to customers who purchase packages of traditional, microchip-free business cards, with the goal of simply getting them into people's hands. Once that happens the company will be soliciting suggestions from customers about what the cards could be used for should they be made available more widely. "We're sure there are plenty of exciting and creative things that you can actually do with them that we haven't thought of," the company says.