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Kodak planning to exit consumer printing business as bankruptcy restructuring continues

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Kodak printer
Kodak printer

Kodak today announced it would cease the sale of consumer inkjet printers and cut a total of 1,200 jobs, up from the 1,000 previously announced, as the company works to restructure its business after filing for bankruptcy earlier this year. The company believes this will help increase cash flow in the US, and said that it would help focus on its transformation into a company focused on commercial, packaging & functional printing solutions and enterprise services. This appears to be an about-face to the plans Kodak outlined in February, when the company said it would focus on photo printing products and desktop inkjet printers going forward — now, it seem that the Kodak brand will be largely absent from the consumer marketplace. That said the company does plan to continue supporting the large installed base of Kodak printer users by still selling supplies like ink. While Kodak still has plenty of work ahead of it, the company reiterated its plans to emerge as a "profitable, sustainable company" in 2013.