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Gmail iOS app now optimized for iPhone 5's 4-inch Retina display

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Gmail iPhone 5
Gmail iPhone 5

Google has steadily been rolling out updates for its iOS apps that add compatibility with the iPhone 5's 4-inch display, and now Gmail is the latest to get the stretch treatment. Owners of Apple's latest handset will see more inbox messages thanks to the extra real estate and won't need to scroll quite as much when diving into an email thread. Since iPhone 5 support is literally the only thing mentioned in this version's release notes, you shouldn't expect any changes in terms of functionality. Gmail has steadily improved since initially being met with a lukewarm reception last November, and it's nice to see Google ensuring compatibility with Apple's latest gadgets in a timely manner. Hopefully an update for the company's YouTube app won't lag far behind.

Thankfully those of you still using Sparrow can expect to receive similar treatment in the near future. Co-founder Dom Leca announced via Twitter that the app will be updated to support 4-inch displays soon — in what we can only presume will be among the last significant updates to the now-defunct client.

Thanks, crichton007!