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Apple highlights third-party Maps alternatives in App Store

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Maps alternatives
Maps alternatives

In his letter to Apple customers published earlier today, Tim Cook mentioned a number of third-party map applications that users can download while the company works to improve its in-house offering. Now Apple has taken things one step further by highlighting more than a dozen of these apps in the App Store, bundling them in a section titled "Find maps for your iPhone."

The listing contains all of the options outlined by Cook — including MapQuest, Bing, and Waze — but expands further with additions like MotionX GPS, Navigon, and even the AT&T-branded Navigator app. Of course you'll still need to open up Safari if you're looking for Google Maps — at least for a couple months. Yet Apple isn't turning a blind eye to its former partner, going so far as to post a how-to page reminding customers that Maps web apps from Google and Nokia can be pinned to the iOS home screen.

Unfortunately most of the showcased apps haven't yet integrated support for the iPhone 5's display just yet, but we suspect Apple's free advertising might compel developers to move quickly with that effort. You'll find Apple's collection of preferred Maps alternatives on the front page of the iTunes App Store.