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Facebook revamps Messenger iOS app with Favorites, new chat UI, better performance

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Facebook Messenger iOS
Facebook Messenger iOS

Facebook's been on a bit of a roll with iOS development lately. Just over a month ago, the company released a major update to its flagship app that offered tangible boosts in performance and responsiveness. Yet Facebook has also steadily worked to improve its standalone projects like Messenger. The latest version of the messaging app, introduced yesterday, brings full support for iOS 6 and Apple's iPhone 5. It also features the same interface changes that recently arrived on the Android release.

Swiping in from the left side of your screen will bring up a list of available contacts, and like before, the app will tell you when each of your friends was last active on Facebook. The conversation view has been given a fresh makeover with chat bubbles, and you're now able to pin those you chat with most often to a Favorites section.

Unfortunately there's one area where Messenger for iOS hasn't reached parity with its Android counterpart: there's no way of integrating your SMS messages within the app. That feature remains exclusive to select Android handsets and we don't expect to see it appear on iOS anytime soon due to the platform's sandboxing restrictions. Even so, the above improvements combined with speed optimizations should make for a worthwhile update. The latest version of Facebook Messenger is available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in the App Store now.