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Nokia's new Monster-branded Purity Pro Headsets match the colors of the rumored Lumia 820

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Monster and Nokia's Lumia-themed Purity Pro Wireless Headsets will be available later this year for €299.

nokia monster purity pro
nokia monster purity pro

Nokia is expanding its line of co-branded audio accessories with the Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster, the various colors of which happen to match the yet-to-be-announced Lumia 820. As the name suggests, the headsets deliver stereo sound through a Bluetooth connection, which can be linked via NFC or standard Bluetooth pairing. Monster's active noise cancellation technology is also present and, unlike Nokia and JBL's PlayUp speakers, these headsets are color-matched with what we expect to see from the next-generation Lumia devices.

Even though Monster provides Beats by Dr. Dre headsets and sound technology, the Purity Pros are not getting the same branding as various HTC Android devices or its upcoming Accord Windows Phone 8 handset. Monster and Nokia's close relationship was first announced late last year, which led to the introduction of the Purity HD and Purity Stereo headsets. The Purity Pro headsets will be available starting the fourth quarter of this year and are expected to cost €299 (around $376).