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New, 24 comments, now has its first dedicated iOS application in the App Store, called AppNet Rhino.

appnet rhino
appnet rhino, a paid, developer-friendly Twitter competitor, now has a dedicated iOS application in the App Store. AppNet Rhino isn't the first client to support the fledgling social network — that privilege goes to Buffer — but it is the only iOS app so far built solely for Android users have had their own dedicated app, Hooha, for a few days now.

Rhino is pretty basic so far, offering a choice of four tabs. The Timeline, Mentions, and Profile tabs will be familiar to users of most social networks, while the Global tab offers a real-time feed of every user on — something useful for a network that has less than 20,000 members. For the time being, it's an iPhone-only affair, with iPad support limited to the tablet's iPhone compatibility mode. Of course, the app is only available to those that have paid the $50 for access to, but if you're one of those people, Rhino is well worth checking out.