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Samsung's S Cloud service appears on Galaxy Note II

Samsung's S Cloud service appears on Galaxy Note II


A video has surfaced showing Samsung's rumored S Cloud service running on a Galaxy Note II.

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Samsung was widely expected to unveil a cloud service called S Cloud alongside the Galaxy S III in May, but it didn't materialize in the end. We've just seen the first solid evidence of its existence, however, courtesy of a hands-on video from German site BestBoyZ where S Cloud appears in the Galaxy Note II's settings menu.

There are options for syncing photos and videos, and beyond requiring a Samsung account it also hooks into Dropbox — potentially a good way to use that 50GB of free storage that Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Camera owners will receive. We previously heard that S Cloud might have been delayed while Samsung searched for a commercial cloud storage partner, and it seems that may well have been accurate.

It's unclear what S Cloud offers beyond Dropbox

However, it's unclear what features S Cloud currently offers beyond Dropbox's standard video and photo uploading on Android, or indeed that service's "deep integration" promised for upcoming products like the Galaxy Camera. S Cloud may still be under development since Samsung is yet to make any announcement, but if nothing else this is the strongest indication yet that it exists in some form.