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Mophie expands beyond Apple with enormous Galaxy S III battery case

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Mophie is releasing its first non-Apple battery case later this year for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Mophie Samsung Galaxy S III battery case - Engadget
Mophie Samsung Galaxy S III battery case - Engadget

The Samsung Galaxy S III already has a removable battery in case you want to increase your device's run time, but if you want a case instead of a replacement battery, Mophie will soon have you covered. As Engadget reports, Mophie recently unveiled the rather large battery-equipped case IFA 2012 in Berlin, marking its first foray into non-Apple devices. Unfortunately, there's no real details for the case just yet — it will reportedly double your Galaxy S III's battery life, though we have no idea how much it will eventually cost. If you're interested in adding a little bulk in addition to some extra battery life, Mophie's new battery case is expected to ship towards the end of October, or possibly early in November.