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Learn to build a Raspberry Pi operating system, courtesy of Cambridge University

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The University of Cambridge has published an online guide to building operating systems for the Raspberry Pi, a cheap and lightweight computer.

raspberry pi
raspberry pi

The $25 or $35 Raspberry Pi computer is a favorite of coders, who've turned it into a synth and embedded it in a camera grip among other things. Now, the Pi is getting attention from the University of Cambridge Computer Lab. Alex Chadwick, one of a group of students working with Pis at Cambridge over the summer, has published a guide to coding basic operating systems for the computer. "Baking Pi" is meant to help incoming freshmen get familiar with basic computer science before starting school, but it's freely available to everyone.

Since the university is also purchasing a Pi for every freshman in the department, it's published a series of these tutorials that are placed alongside more general material. Though it's meant for people with some coding experience, it's possible to follow the 12-part operating system guide without much prior knowledge, and it's a perfect example of how the Pi's creator hopes to get people interested in coding, this time from a major university.