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Official: Apple holding iPhone 5 event September 12th, and we'll be there live!

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Apple will announce its latest iPhone on September 12th, and we'll be there live

Apple iPhone 5 Invite
Apple iPhone 5 Invite

The industry has been abuzz with rumors that Apple was planning a reveal of its next iPhone in mid-September, and now we know the truth. The company has just mailed out invitations to an event in San Francisco on September 12th at 10AM PT at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts — where Apple has historically launched new products. The Verge will be there covering the event live, with minute-by-minute updates on everything and anything announced.

The next iPhone has been heavily rumored over the past several months, with multiple photos and videos of alleged iPhone 5 parts and casings in heavy rotation, as well as rather detailed information about new screen technology, radios, and other internal changes. Our editors even obtained a first-hand experience with one of the supposed case designs during the IFA trade show in Berlin, though it's impossible to know if what has been seen thus far is representative of what Apple will announce next Wednesday. Interestingly, based on the invite (you can see it in the image above), it looks like this device will in fact be called the "iPhone 5."

Apple is also rumored to be introducing an "iPad mini" this year — a smaller version of its tablet — but that announcement is expected to come in October at a separate event.

No matter what happens, The Verge will be in San Francisco on the 12th at 10AM PT, covering all the news as it happens — so tune in to our liveblog the day of the event so you don't miss a thing!