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NFL Game Rewind tablet apps let you watch games on-demand, but not without a slew of restrictions

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NFL's Game Rewind service is now available for Android and iOS tablets, allowing subscribers to view current NFL games on-demand.

nfl game rewind tablet app
nfl game rewind tablet app

The NFL has enhanced its Game Rewind service for football fans on the go by adding free apps for Android tablets and Apple's iPad. Game Rewind allows subscribers to watch any NFL game from the 2012 season in high definition after its live broadcast, view Super Bowl archives, and analyze plays using the Coaches Film and All-22 Film features.

There are a few important restrictions regarding when you can replay the games, however, with Monday night games available 24 hours after they have been televised, and the service unavailable as a whole during Sunday and Monday night match ups. Limitations such as these are not what you'd expect from a premium service, especially since season-long Game Rewind subscriptions cost up to $69.99. On the bright side, at least Thursday, Saturday, and Monday matches are available for viewing immediately after the game.