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Windows Server 2012 available starting today

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Windows Server 2012, the server version of Windows 8, is now available for downloaded.

Microsoft Server Farm
Microsoft Server Farm

The final version of Windows Server 2012 is now available, bringing with it app development for connected devices, Microsoft's Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and the company's new Resilient File System (ReFS). There are four tiers of the server version of Windows 8 available, ranging from small business solutions to highly virtualized cloud environments; pricing and licensing specifics will vary depending on a business's needs.

The launch of Server 2012 is essential to Microsoft's goal to provide a truly cloud-enabled infrastructure, and should be just the thing to get those involved with IT excited about working with Windows 8 in the workplace. Those looking to get their hands on the consumer version of Windows 8 only have to wait until next month.