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Nokia details Lumia audio accessories, including JBL Power Up speaker with wireless charging

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At its press event in New York City moments ago, Nokia announced yet another wireless speaker packing both Bluetooth and NFC, with the latter promising to make pairing with the new lineup of Lumia handsets a much simpler affair.

JBL Power Up
JBL Power Up

We already knew about a pair of audio accessories Nokia will be rolling out alongside its new Lumia line: Monster's Purity Pro headphones and the JBL-branded PlayUp wireless speakers were both announced prior to today's event. But it seems that wasn't all: Nokia just announced another wireless speaker from JBL, dubbed the Power Up. Like the other products, this one features NFC and Bluetooth to make pairing with the latest Lumia handsets a simpler affair. Better still, the Power Up takes advantage of the built-in wireless charging found in the new Lumia hardware providing juice to any handset placed on its top. The new speaker more closely resembles a traditional audio dock — Nokia goes so far as to call it "retro styling" — compared to the design of the PlayUp, but the company is promising top notch sound quality from the unit.