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Nokia announces 'Angry Birds Roost' and other Lumia-exclusive apps

Nokia announces 'Angry Birds Roost' and other Lumia-exclusive apps


Nokia has announced Windows Phone apps that will be exclusive to its Lumia line for a limited period of time, including an Angry Birds companion app.

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As Nokia launches its Lumia 920, it's also hoping to make its platform more attractive by working with major developers. The company announced deals with Bloomberg, Rovio, and others, offering new Windows Phone 8 versions of apps on other platforms or exclusive content for the Lumia line. Most prominently, Rovio and Nokia will release "Angry Birds Roost," a companion app to the Angry Birds series with live tiles, walkthroughs, and other supplemental material. It's exclusive to the Lumia line for the next three months, though we don't imagine it will be one of the phone's bigger selling points.

Several other apps take advantage of the Lumia's NFC or offer exclusivity for a few months. A Windows Phone app for Bloomberg will be exclusive to Lumia phones for the first three months, while fashion app StyleSaint will remain Lumia-only for six months. File sharing app YouSendIt will add NFC that's only on Lumia for three months, similar to the Michelin restaurant guide, which announced a similar deal with Nokia in March. Earlier today, the company also announced that it would partner with FourSquare to build a Batman-themed app, and that games like Where's My Water? were coming to Windows Phone as well. This isn't a new strategy, but it's one that could help convince potential buyers that even if Windows Phone doesn't match up with Android and iOS in sheer app quantity, they won't be hurting for options.