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Samsung files injunction against LG, claims its OLED tech was stolen

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Samsung is allegedly demanding an injunction and monetary compensation from LG over stolen OLED technology.

samsung super oled
samsung super oled

Sources have told the Yonhap News Agency that Samsung has filed an injunction against LG over allegedly leaked technology pertaining to OLED displays. The lawsuit, which was submitted to the Seoul Central District Court, also demands that LG pay 1 billion won (about $880,000) for each instance that the company used the technology or gave the information to a third party. Both companies are making a strong push to bring OLED televisions to the market and have been in a head-to-head race to see which will be the first to do so — but it seems that one may be taking a shortcut along the way. A Samsung official had the following to say about the long-standing rivalry:

LG Display has consistently acquired our OLED technologies and other business secrets by inducing our researchers to transfer.

The purported lawsuit all but confirms news earlier this year that 11 people had been arrested for selling technology from Samsung Mobile Display to a "rival local firm" — which at the time was suspected to have been LG. As we approach the eventual consumer release of large OLED televisions the two companies are unsurprisingly leading the pack, although Samsung will get a huge leg up on the competition if the allegations are true.