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Blue Tiger iPad stylus renamed Pogo Connect, shipping in October for $79.95

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The Blue Tiger pressure-sensitive iPad stylus is now called the Pogo Connect, and it's expected to start shipping sometime next month.

Pogo Connect iPad stylus
Pogo Connect iPad stylus

The last time we checked in with Ten One Design's Blue Tiger iPad stylus it was still awaiting FCC approval, but now it has resurfaced with a new name, a pre-order date, and a price. Now known as the Pogo Connect, the pressure-sensitive stylus will be available for pre-order on October 1st for $79.95. Ten One expects the device to start shipping later on in the month, The stylus connects to the new iPad through Bluetooth 4.0 and its pressure sensitivity should make it a good fit for drawing apps like Paper.

It also comes equipped with an LED light that can be used to provide different kinds of information depending on what you're doing. For instance, if you're sketching in color, the light can change to let you know just what color you're using. At launch there will be six compatible apps — including Flipbook HD and Procreate — while later on support will be added for the likes of Paper, Sketchbook Pro, and more. You can head on over to the source link below to pre-order, and if you're interested in comparing it to other iPad styli be sure to check out our in-depth round-up.