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Verizon will offer 'multiple Windows Phones' in Q4

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Verizon's CFO has told CNET that it will launch 'several Windows Phones' before the year is out.

verizon windows phone
verizon windows phone

To say that Verizon hasn't been Windows Phone's most fervent supporter would be an understatement — the company only offers a single Windows Phone device, the ancient HTC Trophy. However, CNET cites Tami Erwin, Verizon's Chief Marketing Officer, as saying that's about to change. According to Erwin, Verizon will offer 'multiple Windows Phones' next quarter, which happens to coincide with the expected retail launch of Windows Phone 8.

While she wouldn't detail the company's exact plans, Erwin said that the network 'continues to have healthy conversations with Nokia,' adding that she was 'excited' about today's unveiling of the Lumia 820 and 920. We previously revealed that Nokia and Verizon are working on a variant of the Lumia 820, codenamed Atlas, and HTC is expected to launch a trio of Windows Phones before the year is out.