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EMI files lawsuit against Grooveshark over unfulfilled payments once again

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Grooveshark is in trouble with EMI again after failing to make monthly licensing payments and provide sales records.

Grooveshark on Chrome OS
Grooveshark on Chrome OS

After finding itself under fire during a licensing suit back in January, Grooveshark is in trouble with EMI yet again. According to CNET, EMI has filed suit against the music streaming service for its failure to provide sales records and make monthly licensing payments, as outlined by a September 2009 agreement. EMI had actually terminated its contract with Grooveshark in March of this year, but the company continued to distribute the label's music through the service.

Grooveshark previously won a dispute against Universal Music using the DMCA's safe harbor provision — which protects hosting sites from liability for user-uploaded content that violates copyrights — although EMI is confident that it will not be applicable in this case. Grooveshark, it claims, "specifically agreed in the settlement agreement and distribution agreement that it would not permit or allow the exploitation of any EMI recordings unless there was an EMI content agreement in place." The last year has been exceptionally tough for Grooveshark, having also had its app removed from the Google Play store, twice.