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Google prematurely announces Google Drive mobile update, in-app editing coming to iOS

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Google has inadvertently revealed details of a soon-to-be-released update for its Google Drive mobile apps, with in-app document editing due to arrive in the iPhone release.

Google Drive iOS
Google Drive iOS

Google had some announcements to share today, but it seems the company inadvertently let another news tidbit slip earlier than planned. TechCrunch reports that a post at the Google Apps blog apparently revealed details of incoming updates for Google Drive on iOS and Android. A tweet was also reportedly sent out from the correlating Twitter account; both were quickly deleted, but not before some quick acting individuals managed to capture the release notes.

iOS users are set to receive perhaps the single biggest single feature request since Google Drive arrived on the platform: in-app editing of documents. That's a welcome change over the app's current behavior, which kicks users into Safari if they want to make any changes to their files. Sadly the post doesn't indicate whether offline editing will be supported. The iOS app is also set to gain the ability to view Google Presentations.

Android users will be seeing even more benefits whenever the update arrives, with Google adding full support for folders. Those who rely on spreadsheets frequently will likely appreciate a new option to create and edit tables. Commenting on documents will also be enabled with the not-yet-public revision. We're not sure exactly when Google plans to flip the switch on the latest version of Google Drive, but the company's slipup has us thinking it'll be sooner than later.