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Microsoft launches nationwide 'Bing it on' TV campaign to challenge Google

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Microsoft has launched its latest TV campaign against Google, challenging web users to compare the two.

Bing it on
Bing it on

Microsoft claims people prefer Bing search results to Google's nearly 2:1, and the company is ready to prove it. Launching today, Bing is rolling out a nationwide campaign to highlight its search benefits and challenge Google. Branded "Bing it on," Microsoft says its new mini-site is designed to allow web users to compare search results from Google and Bing side-by-side.

"It’s time to break the Google habit," says Microsoft's Mike Nichols. "You deserve more from your search engine." While the new campaign will also air on TV during the MTV Video Music Awards, it's not as aggressive as Microsoft's last ad campaign against Google — one that featured newspaper ads exploiting privacy concerns. This time it's about a real comparison between the two, with sweepstakes involved and prizes for participants. Bing has been consistently improving its search engine for months now, with a focus on social. While the privacy battle rages on, it's up to consumers to vote with their clicks — or in Microsoft's words, Bing it on.