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The Vergecast is live!

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With major press events from Nokia, Motorola, and Amazon, today is going to be chock full of news. So much news. Seriously, there's more news than you could shake a stick at. Why would you want to shake a stick at the news? Great question. The answer is simple; to keep it at bay. If there's one thing you take away from this Vergecast post, it's that the news is like a bear. And the best way to keep that bear from eating you is to shake a stick at it.

You know, after rereading that last sentence, it might not be the best idea to shake a stick at a bear. Yeah, that actually sounds like a really bad idea. Shaking a stick at a bear is going to do nothing but provoke it into attacking you.

We're live from the studio at 4:00 PM EST. If you're interested in playing The Vergecast Home Game, check out Verge Bingo.

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