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Tumblr for Android and iPhone updated with new notification system, tag tracking, and more

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The Tumblr app for Android and iPhone have been updated to include a new notification system, the ability to find blogs by syncing with your contacts and Facebook, and more.

tumblr app update september
tumblr app update september

While Tumblr has yet to release an iPad-specific app, it has just updated its iPhone and Android versions to build upon the significant improvements made earlier this year and reflect recent changes to their mobile browser design. Users can now sync the app with their contact list and Facebook to find their friends' blogs faster, track tags, and send Fan Mail, as well as use a new streamlined in-app notification system. Additional sharing options, fast reblogs, and the ability to sign up for an account from within the app have been added as well. Along with the redesign of the service's mobile site, it's apparent that Tumblr is making a strong push to provide a full-featured version of the social network on smaller devices — well, except for tablets.