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Amazon drops price of Kindle to $69, shipping September 14th

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Amazon is dropping the price on its least expensive Kindle to $69. The device is unchanged, featuring the same 6-ounce weight and 6-inch e-ink screen as last year's model.

amazon kindle 69 stock 640
amazon kindle 69 stock 640

Alongside Amazon's announcement of its new Paperwhite devices, the company is dropping the price of its least expensive ad-supported ebook reader to $69. While it doesn't have the front-lit display of its newer sibling, a 12 percent drop from last year's $79 price could make the cheapest Kindle even more attractive, and the ad-free version is getting a $20 discount as well, from $109 to $89. Aside from the price changes, the device is very similar to last year's model, offering the same 6-ounce weight, Wi-Fi connectivity, and 6-inch E Ink screen, but it adds the new fonts and crisper text of the Paperwhite devices, all wrapped in a new, black case. If that combination sounds good to you, the company says the updated device is launching on September 14th.