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Amazon: 'We are pretty much done' with the Kindle DX

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Amazon is planning to phase out the 9.7-inch Kindle DX e-reader tablet.

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Amazon Kindle DX
Amazon Kindle DX

Amazon rolled out a new line of Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers today, and unsurprisingly, the older members of the Kindle family have been pushed to the wayside. Amazon's aging 9.7-inch e-reader, the Kindle DX, is one of the models being phased out, and the Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G have apparently been replaced wholesale by the new Paperwhite models.

With regards to the Kindle DX, Amazon vice president Jay Marine said "we are pretty much done with it," though he wanted to stress that the Kindle DX is not being abandoned. What that means exactly is unclear, but Marine did note that there may be a few more DX's manufactured and it'll continue to be sold online before it completely falls off of the face of the earth. For now, it is still possible to place an order for the DX (at the gut-wrenching price of $379) from, though the device is not highlighted with the rest of the Kindle lineup.

Ross Miller contributed to this report.