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Twitter switching off @Anywhere developer platform to focus on 'Twitter for Websites'

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Twitter has announced that come December it will be shutting of its @Anywhere platform of developer tools.

Twitter promoted account android
Twitter promoted account android

Twitter has been adding features like its new embeddable timeline widget to help expand its presence across the web, and as a result the social network has decided to close down its @Anywhere developer platform. @Anywhere is described as "an easy-to-deploy solution" for adding Twitter communication to a site, and includes features like the "follow" button and the "tweet box" for tweeting without leaving a website. "As Twitter for Websites has evolved," Twitter's Jason Costa explained, "it has improved upon many of the features we introduced with @Anywhere." Twitter is offering alternatives to those tools that are a part of @Anywhere with one exception — Hovercards, which display a user's real name, username, and location. "We haven't seen it deliver the value to users we hoped for," Costa said of Hovercard. @Anywhere will be turned off on December 6th.